Arc Flash Electrical Safety Program Florida

The Definition of, Studies of, and Risks of Arc Flashes

Most people do not know what an arc flash is, but this article aims to change that. In this guide, readers can get an understanding of the arc flash process, and they can learn some of the terms used in qualifying such a danger.

The Definition of an Arc and its Dangers

An electric arc is described as a luminous connection formed in the gap between electrodes. Arc flashes occur during a short circuit or fault, through accidental contact, tracking over an insulated service, or contamination. Arc flashes can emit large, deadly amounts of energy, and the temperature of an arc can reach higher than 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Such temperatures can set fire to clothing and burn skin within a fraction of a second, even at some distance. The pressure wave generated by an arc flash can throw people off balance, and the flash itself can cause blindness and injury.

Studies of Arc Flashes

To identify specific hazards on equipment within facilities, arc flash engineering Florida should be done. There are multiple software suites available to make the analysis easier. Those involved in the design, evaluation, and implementation of electricity distribution systems should understand the hazards of an arc flash, and they should know how to evaluate and mitigate those hazards. Arc flash studies should be done by an electrical engineer who will do a coordination and short circuit study. If the engineer is not the person doing the study, the results should be made available before work progresses.

Arc Flash Study Results

An arc flash study's results will categorize the hazards inherent in specific equipment, and will identify the protective boundary (the closest approach advisable before protective equipment must be used). Inside the protective boundary, workers must wear proper protective gear. The goal of personal protective equipment is to limit injury from an arc flash and to keep it at a survivable level.

Arc flash danger is a subject that's seeing more frequent discussion and increased scrutiny in today's safety-conscious working environment. The intent of an Arc Flash Electrical Safety Program Florida is to keep electrical workers safe and to keep hazards survivable. Anyone involved in the design and usage of electrical systems should understand the dangers of arc flashes, and they should take steps to minimize those risks.